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Can someone truly repent, but still be tempted?

June 9, 2007

Say you’ve had one habit for several years, but then you realize that it’s wrong, and decide to change. Even if you repent, and with God’s help, strive to turn from that, will it still be a temptation at times? Your question brings to mind Psalm 19:13 “Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins; […]

Why God sent His angels to the shepherds..

August 30, 2006

“Why did the angels tell the shepherds about Jesus’ birth, and not someone else?  Why the shepherds?  I was listening to a tape about that, and the question just hit me.” This is an interesting question, in that the Bible really doesn’t have a straight, specific answer for it.  The Bible really doesn’t say WHY […]

This is YOUR chance to be involved!

April 9, 2006

This is YOUR chance to be involved! This is where YOU can ask me ANY question! Then, from time to time, I will post some of the best questions and answers. Keep logging in to see if I post YOUR QUESTION! Here’s the first one… “In Mark 1:44, Jesus tells the leper, ‘do not tell […]